Does The Dust Lead to AC Damage?

Yes, the service on can help you maintain your HVAC system. However, you should also know how to maintain your AC without the help of a professional. Besides unstable electricity voltage, dust and rust are causes that often unwittingly damage the air conditioner. In spite of the fact that it looks more inconsequential, yet the effect of residue and rust is more extensive than the issue of voltage. Cooling parts that are powerless to issues from residue and rust are condensers. The area that is in the outside (open air) cooling unit influences this piece of the space to go unnoticed.

Truth be told, this condenser which is a pipe arrange is a buildup work that happens and after that breathed out to send cool air into the room. The event of rust on the condenser not just purposes the work to be not ideal but rather more than that, it will gradually cause severe damage, lakage AC unit for instance.