Try these three simple tools to clean your carpet

Carpet cleanliness is indeed an important thing to pay attention to. Because a clean carpet can make you feel comfortable being there for a long time. You can visit to get the right and maximum cleaning for the carpet.

In addition, there are several creative ways that you can use using some simple tools that you usually use in your home. Some of the tools in question are

1. Cloth roll
It is undoubtedly if the roller made from fabric is the right way to clean the stains on the carpet. If you don’t have it at home, then you can use your masking tape.

2. Sweep
Instead of having to remove vacuum equipment, if there are visible stains, just clean it with a broom. Stains will soon be resolved, right?

3. Flour
This can be done to deal with wet stains. Sprinkle fine flour sifted on the stain, then cover with a sheet of brown paper and heavy objects on paper. After half an hour, clean the flour from the carpet.

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