These Three Things That Unwittingly Can Cause Damage To Your Laptop

You definitely have a laptop for every activity you do. What’s more, at this time, many activities are carried out with laptops. Starting from work to various other activities. This makes you have to have a laptop that can be used for a long time. However, when your laptop is damaged, the laptop repair Cardiff can help you fix it.

In addition, as a good laptop user, you also need to know that there are some things that you don’t realize that can cause damage to the laptop. Such as

1. Store heavy objects on a laptop
Many of the prices of your laptop or any sophisticated laptop, the habit of storing objects on a laptop must be stopped. Especially if the object has a heavy quantity. This bad habit will cause your laptop screen to be easily damaged. The load can squeeze your laptop’s LCD / LED screen so that in the end the laptop screen will be easily damaged.

2. use a laptop over a soft object
one thing you don’t realize is the nature of soft objects such as chairs, sofas, mattresses, and others are not able to get rid of hot air. This will cause that soft objects to absorb heat. That way, then when you place the laptop on it, the circulation hole under the laptop will be closed. Whereas, when the laptop works, the laptop must remove the heat through the circulation below it. So, these soft objects will only inhibit the circulation on the laptop.

3. Using a laptop in a hot place
Of course, if we use a laptop in a place that has a hot temperature will not help reduce the burden of the laptop instead it will be troublesome. Laptop overheating will be excessive (overheat) which is very triggering in case of damage to laptop components. Using a laptop outside the room where direct sunlight overwrites to a laptop device can be dangerous. This sunlight will affect the laptop screen (LCD / LED).