Understand these before you buy an RC car

The expression if the items purchased at high prices are definitely good does not apply to hobby class RC cars. The reason is, there are cars produced by Chinese manufacturers, but bought by American companies and given their brands to be marketed at high prices. In fact, the quality obtained is only a little different from the car marketed by the Bamboo Curtain Country. Apart from that, you might also want to check out the excellent rc truck online.


While prices have a fairly wide range. Because the average price of Chinese RC cars is cheaper and affordable for all people. However, in terms of quality is superior to cars marketed by American companies.

However, expensive prices are not guaranteed quality and materials. Research before buying. Correcting information about the car maker can be done via the internet and ask the community.

Understand the RTR and ARTR so as not to be fooled

When you want to buy an RC car kit, then you have to know what the terms RTR and ARTR are not to be fooled. RTR (Ready to Run) is a complete package of remote cars that are in finished form, so you can just play it at home. Without having to painstakingly assemble or buy other spare parts separately.

While ARTR (Almost Ready to Run), has several spare parts sold separately, such as transmitters or batteries that are not included in one purchase package. The ARTR package is suitable for professionals who already know how to operate it and choose the right spare part.

Generally, in one RTR package, it consists of:

KIT remote control car complete with shock breakers and tires.
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
SThe servo that is used to drive steering so that it can turn
Lipo or NiMH batteries, tailored to the package purchased. Between using EP (Electric Proportional / Electric Powered) aka batteries or GP (Gas Powered) using nitro or
Tx (transmitter) and RX (receiver) are remote controllers as well as part of the board or receiver board that has been connected automatically.
Manual book.
Wall charger to recharge the battery when it runs out.