Some moments to enjoy music while traveling


What activities become latest nigerian music escape in a time of boredom from the daily routine. If I like to walk and listen to music but most often listen to music. This is not because it is cheaper but in the digital age, music can be heard anywhere. If you are interested in music hobbies, it can be more expensive than a hobby of traveling. Yes, if the hobby of watching a concert abroad is the same as traveling. Aside from that, don’t forget to check out the latest naija music as well.

If it was challenged traveling without listening to music it would not be strong. Usually before traveling, I have made a playlist of songs on the device because there are certain moments that must be enjoyed with music.

1. Waiting

Waiting is the most boring thing. But it is best to wait for the flight delay, even though you have arrived early at the airport. Instead of emotion, usually, I will listen to music while humming lightly. And music is also needed when you make an appointment with a friend who likes ngaret. Agreed at 8 o’clock arrived at 11 o’clock, it was also because at 9 o’clock you woke him up by telephone.

2. Land Trip

Born and raised in Sumatra, I am used to road trips for days. From the southern tip of the island of Sumatra to the north end takes approximately 3 days 2 nights. The most effective entertainment is listening to music. And the music played by the driver doesn’t suit your taste. I once took a bus with dangdut koplo music dangdut music along the way. In conditions such as bringing your own music, it is mandatory for friends.

3. Flight

If you ride a full-service airline, you can be guaranteed that you will not die of style because there are entertainment facilities available. But if the low-cost carrier airline is the only entertainment, only flight attendants walk around the corridor while pushing snacks. The magazine has been read seven times but has not yet landed in the destination city. Yes, just play the song on the device instead of listening to thousands of times the same song.