5 Learning Levels in NLP


NLP is a personal development, communication, and psychotherapy approaches. The creator claims that there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro), linguistics and behavioral patterns learned by experience (programming) and that they can be changed to achieve certain goals in life. They claim that someone’s skills can be “modeled” using the NLP methodology and that these skills can be owned by anyone. You can learn it by joining the NLP courses.

The following are some levels of learning in NLP:

1. Awareness incompetence is the initial stage where we don’t know at all about our ignorance. For example, our ignorance about the importance of learning to read and count when childhood first. Instead of knowing, we don’t even realize that learning to read and count like this does exist. So at this stage, someone will try.

2. Conscious incompetence is the stage where we already know and have started to learn a skill but have not been able to display it perfectly. Usually, this happens because there is still a lack of knowledge and hours of practice. At this stage, there is awareness to specifically learn and practice. Along with the learning journey, this condition will continue to increase and enter the stage,

3. Conscious competence is the stage where we already have the knowledge and skills we want, so we can do it. Just like when I swam before, I already knew exactly what to do, how to position the body in water, how to do the hand foot movements, when to breathe and so on, but still need extra effort to do it because I still have to remember it consciously.

4. Unconcious competence, at this stage, lies the level of mastery. The skills we master have become a habit so that we can bring up whenever we want and make it completely automatic without the need to think hard to remember step by step. This is the learning goal, putting as many skills as we learn unconsciously so that we become flowing in doing so. Without thinking!

5. Mastery, the stage where we really are very skilled at doing a skill. He is not only technically perfect but also good to see. At this point, you have found the keywords that exist in each skill so that they can bring them up with high accuracy in a short time. In football, Cristiano Ronaldo has reached this level. Not only experts in playing, but also beautiful.