Tips for Beginner Property Investor

The property market has created a lot of successful investors with huge profits. Not surprisingly, now some people are more interested in shifting their investment to the property sector. However, like the type of investment in general, before starting it is better if we know the ins and outs of property. When you get ready for investment, then you can visit tanah selong belanak untuk dijual  to know why property investment can create the number of benefits for you although you are the beginner.

The benefits you make are not only limited to hundreds of thousands but can reach millions of rupiah with only one property unit owned. What tricks to try when you start trying this one business?

Have Repair skills
Do you have the skills to paint the walls? Or repairing a toilet that is clogged? Yes, some of these jobs can indeed be transferred to the masons or other people. Well, when you already have more than two properties for investment, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on repairs. It would be better if you have your own repair skills.

Get Rid of Debt First
Many skilled investors take the method of indebtedness to start their investment step. If you are still a beginner, it’s good that the money used to buy investment property is not from borrowed money. In addition, forget to buy a property unit for investment if you still have debt arrears.

Be Careful With High-interest Rate
The cost of borrowing money may seem very light at this time, but the interest rate when you want to apply for a mortgage can be even higher. Make sure you press the monthly installments by looking for banks that offer the lowest interest rates.

Calculate Your Profits (Margin)
For companies as big as Wall Street, they always target profits (return on capital) of around 5 to 7 percent because they also have to pay employee salaries. As for individuals, they must set a profit target of at least 10 percent. Set aside a fee of around 1 percent for maintenance costs each year. There are also other expenses such as insurance and property taxes that you must prepare for the budget.