Things To Prepare Before Ramadan

As time goes by, it brought us as Muslims to back to the gates of the moon full of mercy, soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan, A month that makes everyone try to be a better person, because in that month it was full of good things, those who were usually angry will try to hold their anger, those who like to eat will try to hold their hunger, a month that makes people more often giving charity. The mosque will be crowded, the congregation will also be crowded. That is the goodness of Ramadan, even though it looks sudden but let them be. Let them be a better person even only for a month. Ramadan is a month that full of goodness, full of sharing, full of prayers, so you must welcome Ramadan with happiness. That is why we need to prepare before Ramadan. Sometimes, people also send some ramadan messages to other people. You can get that by visiting our website.

Our hope is, after the Ramadhan ends, everyone will have a better personality, better attitude and be better in every good thing. However, we often forget a very important thing when Ramadhan. Preparation. A wise traveler said, before going on a journey he will surely prepare all the things that he needs or he will need in his journey. Even though the presence of Ramadhan is near, we need to prepare everything.

You can make a draft/agenda about what will you do when Ramadhan arrived. Such as, what will you eat for breakfasting. What will you learn on Ramadhan, a place to break-fasting with family or friends, and many more. Ramadhan only lasts for 29-30 days, so use it as efficient as possible. Use this month to do many good deeds, so you will get the best thing as the return.