Tricks to Use Facebook Properly

Facebook is one of the social media that is currently most loved and used by users around the world. For that, we as users must be careful in using Facebook and must be positive in using it because currently Facebook is often used for crime. If you want to get auto liker, then you can visit our website and see some pros and cons about it.


The following are tricks and how to use Facebook properly and correctly:

1. Make sure you understand and understand about Facebook
Before you start using Facebook, it would be better if you understand how Facebook works, Facebook functions, the impact of Facebook and so on. For that, please learn from close friends, relatives, families who already know about Facebook.

2. Use a name that matches your identity
by using an original name, your Facebook will be easily searchable by friends, relatives, your distant family. and Facebook also recommends using an original name.

3. Never log in on a site other than
The number of sites that look like Facebook is used to find out your password. So be careful, and make sure you log in on

4. Use the profile photo with your original photo
Facebook prefers that the profile photo is genuine. because it makes it easy for others to know you. Using your original photo is easier in socializing the media and acknowledging the truth.

5. Useful status updates and good words
one of the positive impacts of Facebook is that we can share knowledge, share knowledge, give a motive, remind each other and as a forum or community. Therefore, use good words in status updates.

By using Facebook wisely, you can keep away from fraud and other crimes. Visit our website and find many interesting things you can find on Facebook.